What is Vila Effectors?

Vila Effectors is an endeavour to research and develop interesting guitar pedals. It's part of Vila Industries (along with Vila Pinball), a set of different projects created and developed by Damian Vila.


The Effectochis are a race of aliens that came to Earth from planet Effectochi, while the planet sobered up. Professor Bendo was sulking on a bridge over Naka River when he spotted a UFO in the waters. Fearing for the life of the little alien inside, he build an effector-shaped device called the "Effectochi House", where musician could care for and interact with the Effectochis.

Mechanical Beasts

Discovered by Dr. Ken Mabisashi in a hidden cave on the remote island of Araido, these devices are thought to be the remnants of an alien civilization that visited the Earth centuries ago. Kept in a lab to be studied, Dr. Lucius von Hades took control of them, and released them to the world, in his quest for world domination. Characterized by their ruggedness and duality, these pedals can be used for both good and evil. Use responsibly.